Health and poverty confronted

This is a nice historic reference to the involvement of Naudé with the City of Johannesburg in relation to food and farming, in this case specifically dealing with issues of urban migration:

“A lecturer in development studies at the University of Johannesburg, Naudé Malan, participated in the session focusing on food security in Orange Farm. “Agriculture presents an important opportunity; there is a need to improve knowledge infrastructure for farming and we need farming that is accessible to all,” he said.

It was also important to start farming with what you had and what was available, as well as letting people experiment on the land to find where their skills lay and what grew well on the land. “There are difficulties, but I think we can overcome them,” Malan said.” For the full article click here.

Naudé and I are currently members of the Johannesburg Mayoral Committee on Food Resilience and will be part of project that will be launched by Mayor Parks Tao at the end of July 2013 as part of the city’s continued Growth and Development Strategy (GDS)  2040.