2007-9 – Vhembe Low-cost Ceramic Water Filter

water / social impact design

From 2007 – 2009 I supervised Martin Bolton’s Masters of Technology in Industrial Design, his dissertation was titled: Design and development of an improved low cost ceramic water filter based on the existing Potpaz home water treatment device for use within rural households of the Vhembe region. Not only was the dissertation a remarkable research project but Martin went on the be a finalist in the INDEX: AIGA Aspen Design Challenge: Designing Water’s Future in 2009 and a top 20 finalist in the SABS Foundation Innovation Awards 2011. You can briefly read his project statement as entry to the INDEX competition here. Martin has chosen to share the entire project and all CAD files for the production of the filer on an open source platform called Open Source Ecology. For additional info please visit Martins website. All images copyright Martin Bolton.