Design Society Development CoP

Design for Social Development, a research area and reading group begun in 2010 in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, UJ, is now officially renamed Design Society Development (DSD) Community of Practice (CoP). Our members come from the departments and disciplines of Industrial Design, Multimedia, Development Studies, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Visual Art, Interior Design and Economics. In the face of staggering inequality and rapid change in South Africa, we meet biweekly to interrogate published research/projects and members’ personal research/projects that focus on the intersection of design, society and development. Each year DSD hosts a public seminar at FADA in order to expand the discussion into a public forum and strengthen opportunities of transdisciplinary collaboration. To show the world what we have been doing please visit our new website It is still under construction but will soon be populated with bios of all the members and the various research projects we have been involved in that fall under the gamut of social impact design in South Africa.